In 1997, the mineral water spring was unintentionally discovered at Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. 
The water was initially used for watering in the agricultural farm. 
The farmers also used the water for cleaning themselves. Surprise and miracle things happened. The farmers’ skin that was itchy and dry became apparently moist and shiny.  
Then the water was tested and proved for many years until 
it was assured that the water was mineral water 
which had benefit to moisturize the skin and lessen skin irritation.  
Then this is the history of DSK 100% natural mineral water spray.

Product Highlights 

SIILICA :  It creates thin film coating, which helps to set long-lasting make up.

SELENIUM  It helps to relieve irritation caused by allergies or inflammation, acne, rashes, 
or insect bites because it has antioxidant.  It also makes the skin feel soft and comfortable.

Normally mineral water has either Silica or Selenium. Some brands have Silica but no Selenium. 
Some brands have Selenium but no Silica. DSK mineral water spray has both Silica and Selenium. 
DSK helps to set long-lasting make up while relieves irritation. DSK can also be used throughout the day.

12 types of minerals.

Calcium  Ca²⁺ = Protect and repair the skin
Magnesium Mg²⁺ = Nourish the skin, anti-wrinkle and relieve irritation
Sodium  Na⁺ = Balance and moisturize the skin
Potassium K⁺ = Balance and moisturize the skin
Bicarbonate HCO₃¯ = PH Balance skin and accelerate the effectiveness of skincare
Sulphates SO₄²¯= Lessen acne inflammation
Chlorides Cl¯ = Moisturize the skin
Fluoride F =  Provide anti oxidant
Silica/Silicium SiO₂ =  Create thin film coating, which helps to set long-lasting make up.
Selenium Se = Relieve irritation and comfort the skin
Nitrates  O₃¯ = Refresh the skin
Ammonium NH₃ = Strengthen the skin cell.

pH 8.02 (Alkaline Mineral Water)